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Turn Insights into Action

Tuki visualizations lead to true bottom-line decision making. Start with big-picture dashboards then drill down to get to the story beneath your data. Go deeper still with free-form filtering, sorting, grouping, pivoting and visualizing any or all your data in a discovery-rich environment.

Full-Spectrum Perspective

Dashboards organized by advertiser, campaign, offers, engagement, dayparting, environment, and more. Ad and pixel data across the full operational, management, and insights spectrum. At home on everyone's desktop including your CMO's, Tuki combines topline results with all the pure analytical power to feed your hungriest data analysts.

Tuki data is hourly so you can pivot on a dime – no more waiting on daily updates. See your campaigns perform by the hour, day, week, or longer across nearly one hundred data dimensions and measures. Relentless in our search for new metrics and ways to illuminate your data, we're continually updating and improving.

In-Depth Behavioral Analysis

Measure and visualize the impact of your creative across all your dimensions.

Combine time of day, geo and audience data (to name just a few) into a multi-dimensional view to discover how and when people actually buy. Tuki collects ad behavior and engagement data on every ad frame. Pairing this with audience and media data shows creative performance across various dimensions.

Discoveries like these can lead to new revenue opportunities and ways to save on your media spend. Extend and apply your learnings beyond your online campaigns to all your marketing initiatives.

Onboard Your Own Data

Tuki is engineered for easy and automatic onboarding of client data.

In addition to transactional data collected during ad delivery, Tuki can ingest your forecast, sales, vertical-specific or CRM data to create private data marts custom-built for you. You get a rich reporting solution that leverages your customer data for even deeper insights.

Scalable, High Performance Backbone

Reliable, on time, and accurate. Our data processes are designed to meet the demands of large-scale, programmatic transaction processing. Even at scale, our transaction data distills down to data marts purpose-built for targeted, efficient access.

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